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Are you responding to the modern cyber threats built to evade your signature- and behavioral-based security tools? BluVector’s patented machine-learning based appliance can detect, in near real-time, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), including zero day and polymorphic malware, at the network perimeter with none of the guesswork or latency of those traditional tools. Developed within the cyber division of a top U.S. defense contractor, BluVector takes a purely quantitative approach to network malware detection, scanning every file and distinct URL in milliseconds, and using classifiers tuned by file type to achieve the highest levels of accuracy with minimal false positives and negatives. Data is ingested passively via a network TAP or SPAN to minimize any impact on your network performance. And BluVector was built to interoperate with your preferred SIEM, threat intelligence platform and post analyzer sandboxes, to help drive the maximum value from those security purchases. The result is a more productive, efficient security staff now in a position to deliver incident remediation (IR) times in minutes rather than hours and days (or never). This is a critical new layer of defense your SOC team will embrace.

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