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Skybox Security’s IT security risk and compliance management products provide solutions in multiple areas including cyber security, cyber defense, regulatory compliance, and for various industries. 

 Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance with Skybox Security

Vulnerability Management with Skybox Security

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Automated Firewall Change Management

Risk Analytics for Firewall Change Management

Skybox Security Change Manager

Reduce firewall errors and slash management costs by more than 80%
Firewalls require constant maintenance to ensure that they are configured for optimal security, continuous compliance, and high performance.  Manual firewall analysis is a headache for most organizations. Auditing multiple firewalls or large firewall rulesetsis time-consuming and prone to errors that can leave an organization exposed to cyber threats and compliance risks.Skybox Security provides organizations with tools to automate the daily tasks associated with firewall management. Skybox imports firewall configuration data from Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Palo Alto and other firewall vendors and normalizes the data for easy analysis. With Skybox solutions, network managers can automatically create comprehensive firewall audit reports, shepherd firewall change requests through the internal process, and optimize firewalls for best performance.Automating firewall management tasks can reduce IT costs substantially, often as much as $3,000 to $6,000 per firewall, per year.  For a company with 50 firewalls to manage that can easily translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings annually, allowing highly-skilled IT staff to concentrate on strategic security management tasks.On-demand firewall audits in minutes
Collect and analyze firewall data in minutes with Skybox Firewall Assurance, so you can assess firewall rules and platform configurations immediately for issues that can lead to security breaches or compliance violations.   Create accurate documentation for auditors on-demand with out of the box reports for PCI DSS and NIST.   Reduce IT management time needed for firewall data collection, analysis and reporting tasks by 80-90%Avoid damaging errors when making firewall changesImplement a consistent workflow solution, with Skybox Change Manager, to manage and streamline the firewall change process – from original business request to completion of multiple firewall changes.  Avoid hundreds of hours in remediation time by identifying potential risks and fixing configuration errors before firewall changes are made.  Reduce the time required to evaluate and implement the changes to support a new network service.Optimize firewall rulesets for best performance
Improve firewall and network performance by examining large or complicated rulesetsand identifying redundant and unused rules.  Simplify firewall rulesets for more accurate analysis and faster troubleshooting.  Reduce equipment costs by avoiding unnecessary performance-related hardware upgrades.Medium to large enterprises and government organizations use Skybox solutions to deliver effective firewall management that pays for itself in months. Contact SkyboxSecurity today for an ROI evaluation and recommended solution to meet your specific firewall management needs.

Continuously protect customer credit card information with PCI Compliance

Hackers are unrelenting in their pursuit of credit card information and customer’s personal data. Any company that processes, stores, or transmits credit card information must be PCI DSS compliant or risk losing its ability to process credit card payments. With Skybox, credit card processing organizations now have the tools to continuously audit their firewall configurations and run risk assessment tests to keep cyber criminals at bay.

Satisfy third-party audit requirements

The PCI DSS standard requires policy compliance from all network components including security controls, firewalls, routers, network appliances, and servers. WithSkybox, organizations are able to automatically audit all network components within hours and generate reports to document compliance status.

Demonstrate on-going firewall change assurance

Skybox automates and documents the change assurance workflow from the receipt of a change request to post-deployment validation. We import the configurations of hundreds of firewalls and each of their hundreds of rules and ensure that both are always configured according to the required policy.

Prove compensating controls mitigate potential risk exposures

The vast majority of open vulnerabilities don’t have to be patched immediately to maintain security and compliance.  Compensating controls like network segmentation, firewall configurations or IPS signatures can mitigate risk exposure.  Skybox’s solutions can demonstrate to auditors that compensating controls are in place, reducing your audit scope and compliance costs.

Skybox Security solutions provide companies in retail, banking, travel and entertainment services and telecommunications services, the ability to automatically address many of the challenges posed by the PCI DSS standard. With Skybox, every organization that touches credit card transactions is are able to stay steps ahead of hackers seeking to steal their customer’s valuable data.


Eliminate potential risk exposures before a data breach or attack

Effective cyber security programs are laser-focused on finding and eliminating IT security threats – before an incident happens.  But identifying all security risks proactively and systematically in a large network is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.  So how do you stay ahead of evolving cyber threats?

Skybox Security provides organizations with tools that automate daily tasks for IT security risk management.  With Skybox solutions, network managers can maintain a comprehensive view of the network, find and prioritize risks fast, and validate network changes before they are made.  No wonder that Skybox is the leading proactive security risk management solution for Global 2000 organizations.

Map your network topology
Gain visibility of your network topology with a comprehensive model of all your network devices.  Examine device configuration settings and policies in the content of the network.  Analyze access paths to troubleshoot access or availability issues.

Perform a daily comprehensive risk assessment

Identify critical security and compliance risks automatically in minutes.  Correlate and analyze information about network topology, best security practices and compliance policies, known vulnerabilities and threats.  Justify security investments and tradeoffs for executive decision-making with reports that quantify risks based on asset value.

Prioritize the most critical issues first
Use Skybox risk analysis and attack simulation to conduct a virtual pen test without affecting the live network.  Identify most critical risks, including possible multi-step attacks from inside and outside the organization.  Get remediation options immediately to respond to emerging threats.

Validate changes in advance

Minimize the chance of security, compliance, or availability exposures that can result from network change activities.  Highlight potential risks and take corrective action before planned changes such as network reconfigurations, new devices installation, or access changes are implemented in the live network.

Skybox Security makes it easy for enterprises and government organizations to implement security risk management best practices as part of daily network management.


Integrated Vulnerability Detection, Risk Assessment and Remediation Enables Same-Day Resolution of Critical Risk Exposures

The Skybox vulnerability management solution is based on Skybox Risk Control.  Our innovative approach links scanless vulnerability assessment, context-aware risk analysis, and remediation planning, to resolve vulnerabilities more than 50 times faster than traditional vulnerability management processes.

  • Resolve critical risks in hours – Automated vulnerability management process takes you from discovery to remediation in hours
  • Get actionable recommendations –  Turn vulnerability intelligence into prioritized and specific remediation tasks so you can act quickly to eliminate attack vectors
  • Track progress on SLAs – Remediation dashboard allows you to track progress to reduce vulnerability levels and remediation time
  • No scan disruption – Scanless vulnerability assessment uses analytics to find vulnerabilities without a scan, or combines data from any vulnerability scanner
  • Near-zero false positives – Context-aware analytics eliminate irrelevant data and deliver accurate vulnerability intelligence with almost zero false positives

Scanless Vulnerability Assessment

Skybox eliminates the disruption and long scanning cycles associated with active vulnerability scanners with Vulnerability Detector, an innovative vulnerability assessment tool  that uses analytics to generate vulnerabilities without touching every node. Vulnerability Detector analyzes data repositories available in every enterprise – typically patch management and asset management systems – to automatically and accurately generate vulnerability data without an active scan.

Accurate Vulnerability Prioritization

The Skybox vulnerability management solution performs a context-aware analysis to find vulnerability hot spots and map them to business units or geographies, vendor platforms, security bulletins and more. Skybox identifies attack vectors, taking into network access paths, compensating security controls such as firewalls and IPS, and risk to valuable assets.

Actionable Remediation Options

The Skybox vulnerability management solution automatically provides context-aware remediation options, considering multiple remediation actions such as activating IPS signatures, changing firewall configurations, patching, and more. Additionally, Skybox Risk Control provides an integrated workflow to generate support tickets with remediation task details and comprehensive metrics to evaluate remediation progress.