McAfee Managed Security Services

We understand that running a business in today’s environment is demanding. We also understand that 20% of cyberattacks are on firms with less than 250 employees. Now you can get the deep security solutions that today’s small businesses require, without needing deep staff or pockets. Simply choose the solution that fits you.

Managed Security Services:

  • Security Connected – The Security Connected framework from McAfee enables integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships for centralized, efficient, and effective risk mitigation. Built on more than two decades of proven security practices, the Security Connected approach helps organizations of all sizes and segments—across all geographies—improve security postures, optimize security for greater cost effectiveness,  and align security strategically with business initiatives. The Security Connected Architecture provides a concrete path from ideas to implementation. Use it to adapt the Security Connected concepts to your unique risks, infrastructure, and business objectives. McAfee is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to keep our customers safe.

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  • Cloud Base Services – Comprehensive protection for your local business means an integrated security solution that is always on guard and always up to date—not just in the office, but also wherever employees work remotely. McAfee security solutions for SMBs provide protection against endpoint, email, and web threats—all managed online through the McAfee SecurityCenter
  • Advanced Threat Protection – McAfee addresses three key requirements needed to solve today’s advanced malware problem: Find, freeze, and fix. McAfee® Advanced Threat Defense finds advanced malware and integrates with McAfee network products to freeze the threat while McAfee Real Time software initiates fix or remediation actions
  • SIEM – Say goodbye to silos that splinter your visibility. McAfee® Security Management solutions make security operations efficient and effective, integrating, automating, and correlating data and processes within each system and across the IT environment. Our open platform offers complete visibility into your security posture, proactive risk analytics, and integration of security and compliance with other business operations.  You gain a coordinated and holistic approach to managing security that scales and adapts to any enterprise
  • Next Gen Firewall – McAfee Next Generation Firewall powered by Stonesoft is an integral part of the Security Connected platform from McAfee. McAfee Next Generation Firewall complements McAfee endpoint and network edge solutions with a high-performance, advanced next-generation firewall (NGFW) solution that is versatile and modular. It adds control, visibility, and protection—including advanced anti-evasion techniques—where you need it most, including remote sites and branches, data centers, and the network edge.
  • Email Security – Protects organizations from spam, viruses and worms, email attacks and fraud, while enabling ongoing communications during server outages.
  • Web Protection – Works outside the network perimeter to ward off spyware and viruses, while enabling greater control over non-business-related Internet use.
  • Email Archiving – Provides robust message storage and retrieval capabilities, and features an easy-to-use, Web-based administrative console that integrates with the Email and Web Protection solutions.
  • Endpoint Protection – Antivirus alone isn’t enough to defend against today’s sophisticated online attacks. Complete Endpoint Protection — Business includes top-rated anti-malware, host intrusion prevention, device control, host-based firewall, and more to tackle hacker attacks from every angle — mobile, data, web, and email. Built-in file, folder, and disk encryption protects data however it is shared or stored, so your information is safe even if a device is lost or stolen. And with mobile device management, you can now extend security to employee-owned smartphones and tablets
  • Encryption – USB and removable device control has become a major focus for companies of all sizes. One reason is that our increasingly mobile employees carry a large collection of sensitive data. Companies now purchase more laptops than desktops—and those laptops are loaded with sensitive information: everything from patient, customer, and employee records to intellectual property, financial data, and passwords. The mitigation costs from a single data loss can quickly exceed the costs of protecting the data in the first place. In fact, in the last year, one in five mid-sized organizations had a security incident that directly caused the organization to lose $41,000 in revenue on average.
  • One Time Password – McAfee Cloud Single Sign On (formerly McAfee Cloud Identity Manager) makes it easier for users to manage multiple passwords for cloud applications. It allows enterprises to enforce corporate standards for cloud application access and improves productivity for IT and users by relieving password reset requests.
  • Intrusion Prevention – Manage your McAfee® intrusion prevention system (IPS) sensors, McAfee Network Access Control appliances, and McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis appliances effortlessly with this hardened, rack-mountable, plug-and-play appliance. Its policy-based management meets enterprise demands for comprehensive, scalable, real-time, always-on control. From small and mid-sized networks and enterprise branch offices to the largest global networks that require virtualized environments, our solutions deliver the data and control you need to achieve fast time-to-resolution and fast time-to-confidence

Our smart and economical Managed Security Services support more efficient business operations with:

  • Convenient month-to-month contract terms
  • Rapid service activation
  • Easy administration through the Control Console, the McAfee Web-based administrative portal
  • Flexibility and scalability so the service can grow with your need
  • Complimentary 24/7 customer support from McAfee