More Intelligent Security. Less Vendor Complexity.

A carefully crafted security solution will help you meet and manage your toughest business challenges — from performance issues to content access to compliance with government regulations. And since security touches all areas of your environment, including servers, applications and endpoints, it is critical to have an integrated approach with a partner that understands your entire environment.

Choosing the Right Solution

McAfee offers a centralized security management platform that gives you visibility to your entire security posture from a single console. Integration across the endpoint, the network, and risk and compliance requirements helps you streamline security administration, creation and management of policies and processes, event responses, reporting, and compliance processes. You save time, conserve resources, and achieve better security with intelligent security that is automated, integrated, and optimized. Backed by a nonstop global research team and further enhanced by our partnerships, McAfee security enables you to efficiently manage risks from known and emerging threats as well as potential brand and business risks of data loss and noncompliance.

Our seasoned consultants are backed by the entire McAfee organization. They have immediate access to product developers, experts in McAfee’s support organization, and other experts who have had experience with similar deployments.


Need assistance getting your security program or product deployment launched? RebootTwice offers a number of tailored JumpStarts that utilize McAfee’s seven stage deployment process, ensuring customers get the optimal protection from their investment.

Assess – Determine deployment requirements
Plan – Assess infrastructure implications
Design – Define product settings
Implement – Deploy pilot environment
Operate – Test pilot environment
Optimize – Tune pilot environment based on logs
Review – Assess deployment against objectives


RebootTwice’s McAfee Healthchecks ensure your McAfee products are optimized for your environment and provide migration planning for product upgrades.

McAfee Security Solutions